On skincare tips: a nightly routine

When you finally lay down and close your eyes at night, you will certainly expect to do a little repair and rejuvenation overnight. It is the time when your body digests your food and builds you up for the next day. But did you know that it is also the time when your skin is regenerating new skin cells and is, therefore, repairing the damage that you may have done during the day? When it comes to your skin your body will be busy repairing all the damage caused by pollution and especially those nasty UV rays you may have been exposed to. Let's take a look at a nightly skincare routine

A research study carried out at the University of California discovered that new skin cells grow faster at night than during the day. So if you want to protect your skin from the ravages of the sun the very best time to give it some special attention is in the evening before you head off to bed. Our easy night time routines will help those skin cells to rejuvenate and you will wake with a rosy glow – even if you don’t feel it!

  • Clear your skin: Removing the dirt and make-up from your day is highly important. Pollution from the air can literally stick to your skin and will be absorbed through your pores – so the longer it is on your skin the more harm it will do.
  • Use a face mask: Sometimes it is the deep impurities that can affect your skin and lead to wrinkles or worse. So a good face mask will penetrate deeply into your pores, drawing out that dirt and leaving your skin feeling squeaky clean.
  • Use a serum: Serum creams are where the cosmetics industry has gone all scientific on us. Those created using retinoids are especially good at reducing the clogging of pores and will help your skin to produce collagen overnight. This effectively means that your skin is being exfoliated while you sleep. Use these around your eyes in particular as the skin is thinner here and the damage done will show up more quickly.
  • Moisturise: A good night cream should be thicker and more creamy than a day cream as it should form a barrier from the air while your skin heals. If your moisturizer contains antioxidants it will even work to reduce wrinkles while your skin is renewed.

Of course, all this will go to waste if you fail to get a good night’s sleep – a lack of sleep is known to be stressful for the body and your skin. But even if you are very tired – never forget your routine!

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