Melanoma story: Stacey Everson on melanoma & apps

In February 2016 Stacey Everson from Auckland (New Zealand) analyzed a mole on her shoulder with the SkinVision app. It told her it was high risk and that she should go to the doctor. She had the mole removed for biopsy and the results came back as early-stage melanoma. Watch Stacey's story to see why she encourages others to download the SkinVision app and get their skin checked. This is her melanoma story.

Skin cancer is a growing problem in many parts of the world. New Zealand has seen a high incidence for decades, due to the amount of exposure to direct sunlight.

Watch Stacey’s melanoma story below:

Stacey started using SkinVision to be more in control of her skin health. “My friend heard about the SkinVision app and made me download it as I had a mole on my shoulder that he thought looked suspicious.

“The analysis said it was high risk. I didn’t wait. I went to my GP the next day and he cut it out immediately.”

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