Skin cancer pictures on arm

Melanoma can take many forms and show up in many places on the body. Our arms are especially vulnerable because they are more regularly exposed to the sun than other areas of our body. While melanoma comes in many variations, there are some common signs and symptoms of which we can take heed, and knowing what those symptoms look like is another tool we can use to take control of our health and catch skin cancer early. This article has a number of examples of pictures of skin cancer on the arm.

Take a look at some examples of melanomas on the arm below, remember your ABCDEs and contact your doctor or healthcare provider at the first hint of suspicion.

Skin cancer on the arm – pictures of melanoma

Upper arm left

Upper arm right

Upper arm left

Upper arm left

Skin cancer is slow-growing and often free of glaring warning signs. That can make early detection tricky. Take a look at our extensive article on skin cancer symptoms to make sure you know what to look out for.

View more melanoma pictures here.

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