In the news: startups that are disrupting healthcare IT

With healthcare records moving online, and more people -- including doctors -- expecting mobile solutions, it seems only natural that startups are emerging to help users visit the doctor remotely, track their medicine regime or get a diagnosis from a doctor thousands of miles away.

Trailblazing into the healthcare marketplace, these 10 tech startups are bridging the gap between healthcare and technology to build a better, safer and more inclusive healthcare experience.


Melanoma is the deadliest and fastest-growing type of skin cancer, but it’s often treatable if caught early. But tracking abnormal growth in moles or getting into the doctor’s office regularly for preventative visits isn’t always easy.

With SkinVision, you can take a photo of a mole on your skin, archive the photo and compare images over time to see if there are any changes. Its unique algorithm can read the photo of a mole to determine the potential for melanoma or other skin disorders, helping patients get treatment as soon as possible.

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Keep your skin healthy and find skin cancer early.

Peace of mind with an accurate risk indication.

Immediate response based on machine learning technology.

Find skin cancer early. It can save your life.

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