Getting the right coverage for scars and blemishes

There are many reasons why our facial skin might have scarring or blemishes and one of the most distressing is probably those caused by sun damage and skin cancers. Simple sun damage might include sun spots, freckles, moles, increased wrinkles and even occasional red spots and minor burning. But the removal of melanoma can leave unsightly scars that leave an indelible reminder of what you have gone through. So how can you help fade scars?
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There are ways to hide and diminish scars and blemishes and it can often be possible to hide them altogether. While doing so, you are also protecting your skin from any additional damage by reducing the ability of the sun to reach your skin, by providing a barrier.

Fade Scars

Products such as Bio-Oil are known to be excellent at softening skin that has been affected by scarring. When used regularly over several weeks and months, users see a huge reduction in how obvious their scar appears. It also gives the skin a great base for coverage make-up. If you find this a little pricey, coconut oil, olive oil and rapeseed oil make great alternatives.

Other homemade remedies for minor freckles and sunspots include lemon juice, tomato juice, and banana skin. These act as a very light acid peel and will help to reveal the softer, clearer layers of skin.


It is possible to quickly and easily hide or disguise scars on your face using a few tricks and tips from make-up artists. They recommend starting with a good base (with a high sun factor of course) and then applying several layers of concealer using a brush to dab it into the affected area. You should only use enough layers to hide the scar and take care not to build it up too much.

The color of the concealer that you use will depend on the color of the scar. You should always go for the other end of the color wheel to cancel out the color. So for example, if your scar is reddish, you should use a concealer that has green tones. If your scar is raised, you should use a concealer that is darker than your natural skin tone as this will draw attention to the contours.

Next, add a setting powder that is carefully worked into the skin rather than brushed on and you are good to go.

Don’t add fuel to the fire

If you are already dealing with a scar caused by the removal of melanoma (or suspected melanoma) you will understand this already. Don’t let your skin get worse. Sunspots, freckles, and moles may be a pain when it comes to make-up, but they are also warning signs that you are not taking good care of your skin. Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen, wear a hat and stay out of the sun. It really is that simple.

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