Check your partners skin for hidden risky spots

One thing we are constantly aiming at, is raising awareness for melanoma as the most common form of skin cancer. Skin health is an important topic, and of course the risks of skin diseases is something you need to think about from time to time. That also includes thinking about your partner or close friends when it comes to risky spots – early melanoma detection is the key.

Awareness is about sharing. That means we all need to share the way we can bring down the number of melanoma cases that have been rising for the past decade. And where to start better then with your partner?

What is Skin Cancer?

Melanoma symptoms: What to look for?

There are a lot of melanoma symptoms. When looking for risky spots on your skin, moles is the place to start. Skin cancer moles can be identified by looking for these characteristics:

• Color: If a mole has different colors, that could indicate a problem.

• Borders: Does a mole has a distinct border? Maybe even one that’s higher than the rest of the mole? Make sure to have this checked out.

What does a normal mole look like?

• Growth: If a mole gets bigger over time it could be risky.

• Form: Unnatural forms could indicate a risky mole.

Skin cancer pictures

Using the SkinVision app

For a first check, it’s great that you can do it yourself. Make sure to check your own skin often, but also inspect your partners’. Regular skin checks improves the chance of spotting a risky mole. SkinVision’s iPhone app makes it easy to do this first check with your phone, you can download it here .

Check your back too!

When you’re checking your skin, make sure to check your back too. Ask your partner to check your back, and check his or hers too. It is a blind spot when checking yourself, and this way you’ll be able to cover your whole body.

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